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Opportunity knocks as Cyber Credentials Scheme pitched as a business opportunity

Opportunity knocks as Cyber Credentials Scheme pitched as a business opportunity

Cyber Credentials Scheme for SMBs could be a money-spinner for whoever wins the tender.

The New Zealand Cyber Credential Scheme for small and medium-sized businesses will be put to tender as a business opportunity.

The New Zealand Cyber Credential Scheme for small and medium-sized businesses will be put to tender as a business opportunity.

A scheme to lift the cyber security capability of small to medium enterprises in New Zealand could be a significant business opportunity for whoever delivers it.

The Cyber Credentials Scheme is designed to provide a “do it for me” package through a web-based interactive online platform delivering cyber-security assessment, support and certification for under $400 a pop.

The National Cyber Policy Office in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) has developed a prototype of the service using the Creative HQ Lightning Lab Accelerator process. It will enable SMBs to demonstrate certified cyber security to their markets, including customers and supply chains. 

DPMC has issued advance notice of an upcoming tender to select one or more providers to use the business model developed and invest in delivery of the scheme. 

"This is a unique, one-off opportunity to leverage the significant work undertaken to develop a business model to successfully tackle an important issue for small and medium enterprise in New Zealand," the notice stated.

DPMC is looking for providers to develop the scheme into a successful business, it says. The business model has been developed to ensure that, after some up-front investment, the scheme will be scalable and self-funding.

The initial goals are to protect 124,000 small business customers over the first three years, and achieving the medium to long term goal of increasing the cyber security capability of the majority of small business in New Zealand.

Selected entities will be provided access to the business model, assessment tools and learnings developed in the Creative HQ Lightening Lab Accelerator process to help them get started. 

"As the scheme is a key action within New Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy, it is expected the selected entity/entities will have an ongoing, informal relationship with the National Cyber Policy Office, in particular to leverage their knowledge and expertise in this area," the notice added.

An IT-based platform will be an essential component of the scheme. The platform will allow for the:

  • Low-cost scaled expansion of the service;
  • Efficient and validated adjustment of the requirements of the assessment;
  • Engagement of partner, or sub-contractor organisations; and
  • Provision of support and enhancements to the underlying service proposition as market conditions and cyber security threats and responses develop and change over time.

"This opportunity is for an entity that will deliver the scheme, through which small business customers will be connected with service providers," the notice said.

In encouraging bidders, DPMC points to the scale of the market - the large number of small businesses in New Zealand and potentially beyond.

"The scheme has potential to complement other services that offer cyber security products or content, such as insurance, banking, IT support and other telecommunications offerings," it stated. "Using the offering developed for small businesses, there is scope to develop and expand measures that will amplify the value of the Scheme.

"There is international interest in the design and establishment of the Scheme. Once the Scheme is providing benefits to New Zealand small business (which should be the first priority of the selected entities) there may be scope to expand the Scheme to other markets outside of New Zealand and to other entities beyond small businesses."

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